Emerald Delight Nourishers support Accessory to a Change

Thanks to our two amazing Emerald sponsors, Accessory to a Change 2019 will feature tantalizing food station from the chefs at Shift.

In no particular order, here they are sharing a little bit of why they support Accessory to a Change and our Educational Bursary Program:

Why is supporting Accessory to a Change important to Allison Braun?
Two of my company’s core values are growth and freedom. I believe education, in all its forms, empowers women to experience confidence, growth and freedom.

Education and mentorship have been some of the greatest tools for me to feel confident, knowledgeable and equipped to go out and live my purpose and feel fulfilled – which to me is essential to feel truly free.

It’s a privilege to be able to support the education of women and girls both locally and around the world.

Why is supporting Accessory to a Change is important to the Edwards School of Business’ MBA program?
The Edwards School of Business’ MBA program firmly believes in supporting women in the Saskatoon community to reach their professional and personal goals.

We do this by providing a learning environment that focuses on essential management skills and experiential learning; allowing local entrepreneurs and business professionals from all academic and professional backgrounds the chance to practice what they’re learning and to grow their enabling skills like communication, team work, and leadership.

Sponsoring the BPW Accessory to a Change event allows us the opportunity to send current students in our program to this wonderful event to grow their network, to discuss new business ideas, and to enjoy some great food and entertainment. While we have the benefit of sending students to this event, we also know that the money is going towards a fantastic cause, and something we couldn’t be more excited about being a part of.

Thank you to our Emerald sponsors for supporting Accessory to a Change 2019!

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