Tenets to Live By – Reflections on the Impact of the ATHENA® Leadership Program


Recently, our ATHENA® committee sat down with Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik, Past Chair and current Sponsorship Lead of the ATHENA® committee to discuss why the ATHENA® Leadership Program means so much to her.


Tell us a little about you and what you do.

Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik at the 2016 ATHENA® Awards

I have spent over 21 years in the Financial Services Industry and since 1999 as a Certified Financial Planner. I like to help people help themselves and arm them with education to make solid choices in whatever it may be. Personally I am the mother to 4 children aged 26, 23, 16 and 12. I love to network and give back to the community. I am proudly a member of BPW, a Board member of Persephone Theatre, a committee member of Rotary Becas Program and volunteer at other events throughout the year.


You were the chairperson of the ATHENA® Committee within BPW Saskatoon for many years, but recently you have passed the torch and have taken a different role as Sponsorship lead for the committee. Tell us why the ATHENA® program is so important to you.

I am still a founding member of Athena International, which I became honoured to join in 2015. When I joined BPW in 2009/10, I jumped right into the International Women’s Day event that featured the Athena Awards. They always intrigued me because of the 8 tenets to live by: Authentic Self, Relationships, Giving back, Collaboration, Courageous Acts, Continuous Learning, Fierce Advocacy, Celebration & Joy. I could really relate to those and think a lot about them when I am looking to make decisions about anything. I thought it was important for me to step down to give another wonderful lady the opportunity to live into her leadership abilities and become Chair of the role. Last year as Chair, it was great to see someone who exemplified the qualities of this type of person and I was honoured when Lucienne accepted the role for this year. I stayed on in the committee to be a support person and a continued member of the committee for reference.


Recipients of the awards attend the International Athena Conference and you have chosen to fund your own way to attend with them, tell us about that experience. What was a standout moment for you?

I wanted to be able to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. I was already firmly believing in the principles of Athena, so I wanted to next fully experience it. Athena conferences are open to anyone, so I registered and paid my own way to attend with the attendees. This also made the trip as hassle free for the attendees as possible as I was able to fully arrange the trip and be the main contact person not only here in Saskatoon, but on the ground at the conference. My stand out moment was definitely Ashley Judd! I liked her before, I LOVE her now! I feel she is a true inspiration for all women of all ages. She lives into her Authentic Self and encourages you to do the same with such pride and fierceness it’s contagious.


This year the ATHENA Awards will include a full day Leadership Symposium, tell us why you feel people should attend this event.

I take a lot of personal pride in the full day symposium, as it was my idea when we had our first one in 2015 and it was taking a big step for BPW, as we had limited resources to do events that rely on volunteers and a very limited budget. The members and the Board stood behind me and allowed me to live by the Athena Principles and fully engage them for a great event. We all succeeded in that day of personal growth. I was especially excited as we were able to host the Founder of Athena Martha Mayhood Mertz. This day will be a day where you leave with a great deal of satisfaction and personal fulfillment. It is full of women that are here to motivate you, collaborate with you, and help you grow into YOUR Authentic Self. We took what we did in 2015 and made it better.



On behalf of the ATHENA® Committee we would like to thank Jocelyn for all the incredible work she has done for this program as Chair and for her continued support as Sponsorship Lead. As well for taking the time to put into words why the ATHENA® Leadership Program and Awards are so important to her and BPW Saskatoon.


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