Accessory to a Change 2019 Sponsor Invitation

Join PwC Canada and TCU in making an impact on women’s lives right here in Saskatoon

“We would love to delightfully declare PwC Canada as our Exclusive Diamond Centerpiece Supporter as well as TCU, we are sensationally celebrating you as our Exclusive Ruby Reception Sponsor!”
– Lana Wickstrom, Accessory to a Change Co-Chair

The aim of our fourth annual Accessory to a Change evening is to raise $15,000 to support local women in attaining their education and career goals through our bursary program. These bursaries have a tremendous effect in the lives of the women who receive them and with your generosity and support, we are certain we will be able to reach our goal.

Accessory to a Change 2019 will be held May 2. Check out the video for more information about our new event location!

How can YOU get involved?

Details about sponsorship opportunities are ready for you in our Sponsorship Guide below. Questions? Contact Lana and her Co-Chair Rami Flamand at sponsorship@bpwsaskatoon.com.

Accessory to a Change Sponsorship Guide 2019 (PDF)

Accessory to a Change Silent Auction 2019 (PDF)

Exclusive to BPW Members: If you purchase a Bouquet of tickets (only available during early bird pricing), we will do a social media post, using a photo of our choice, celebrating your involvement in Accessory to a Change and profiling the importance of your contribution to BPW’s 3 foundational pillars of leadership, advocacy and education.

We can’t wait to see you at Accessory to a Change 2019! Watch for more details about our reception headliner and entertainment coming soon!