Vice President’s Message: Stepping into Leadership


Krista Martens

Krista Martens
Vice President, BPW Saskatoon

What is leadership?

In the simplest definition, leadership is the art of motivating a group of people towards a common goal.


Did you notice, I said a group of people?

In my experiences as a volunteer, then Membership Director and now Vice President, I have witnessed how leadership doesn’t come from just one source. It certainly is driven by the ideas and principles of those whose job it is to inspire, but it is the group dynamics – those who work together at all levels of an organization – that ultimately work to bring a vision to life and have the skills needed to execute a plan of action.


From where I’m standing, BPW Saskatoon has been presented with an incredible opportunity.

BPW Members are telling us they want…

  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Member Benefits such as the Women on Boards portal
  • Events with a greater focus on continuing education


Often, organizations shy away from asking the tough questions for fear of the answers. This action can breed complacency. Over the past few months, the Board has been working on evaluating our structure, roles & responsibilities, processes and we know where we can improve.


BPW Saskatoon is struggling with…

  • Disengagement from members both new & long-standing
  • Unrealistic volunteer expectations and burnout
  • Celebrating our volunteer efforts
  • Size of organization and number of initiatives not in alignment with volunteer numbers


BPW is an organization that runs all of its events and initiatives with the support of our dedicated volunteers. The reality is that the current model is not sustainable and we must make it a priority to address how BPW Saskatoon can do better for our volunteers. We have an opportunity to evaluate and realign.


Before we get into the plan moving forward, I think it is very important for members to know what my own personal mission is for volunteering and stepping into leadership with BPW Saskatoon.


I want to shape an organization where…

  • Members build networks by first building relationships
  • Members come together in community to both support & celebrate each other
  • Members uncover their own leadership potential
  • Members learn to be powerful advocates for themselves and other


Highlights of Our 2018 – 2020 Action Plan

  • Our events will be purposeful, quality over quantity & search out collaborations when in alignment with our pillars
    Seek the support of BPW Calgary and implement the Mentorship Program in Saskatoon
  • Our communication will adjust in tone and reflect the size of organization we are
  • Adoption of the Athena Leadership Principles as part of our Code of Ethics
  • Create a system to support & celebrate our volunteers
  • Actively recruit new members who are both business owners as well as professional women


BPW Saskatoon attracts the boldest & brilliant women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. It is time for BPW Saskatoon to ensure all women in our community knows what BPW Saskatoon can do for them.

Are you with me?


Krista Martens
Vice President, BPW Saskatoon