TCU Wealth Managment: Accessory to a Change Exclusive Ruby Reception Sponsor

Thanks to TCU Wealth Management, our Exclusive Ruby Reception Sponsor, Accessory to a Change 2019 will feature live body painting with empowering themes for today’s women from local artist Kreative Mum.

What compelled TCU Wealth Management to support Accessory to a Change 2019?

TCU Wealth Management has been happy to sponsor Accessory to a Change in a variety of ways over the past 4 years and have enjoyed the opportunity to attend the event along with some of our clients.  We are thrilled to be a part of BPW Saskatoon’s fundraiser for educational bursaries for women in our community. 

TCU Wealth Management believes in making a difference in the lives of our members and communities. Similar to what Accessory to a Change stands for, TCU considers education crucial to ensuring our members connect with their unique life goals.

Tell us about more about TCU Wealth Management and your impact in the world.

TCU Wealth Management is passionate about providing outstanding services to our current and future clients as we work together to meet their financial needs and goals.  As a local wealth management provider through TCU Financial Group Credit Union, we strive to bring our Vision, Mission and Values to life on a daily basis.

Our Vision: We connect people with their unique life goals.

Our Mission: We will create meaning spaces, deliver a value-added experience with expert advice, and advocate for financial literacy in order to foster healthier communities.

Our Values: Collaboration + Passion + Integrity + Lifelong Learning + Accountability

TCU Financial Group is committed to providing support to the communities in which we live and work. We choose to lead by example and use our resources to affect positive change in our communities.

Thank you, TCU Weath Management for supporting Accessory to a Change 2019!