5 Steps to Leveraging Your BPW Membership Profile

Now that we have this fabulous new website, let’s leverage our new database. Here are 5 quick steps to take to update your BPW Membership profile.


1. Fill in your full contact information: This information is an important step to staying current on our new database. The more you can fill in, the easier you make it on our volunteers to make sure you are not missing any details when it comes to BPW Events.

2. Add in photos: We all want to see your lovely face! Update your profile whenever you receive a new set of headshot, keep it current and let people see your personality shine through. You can update both your personal image and your banner image so get creative ladies!

3. Add in all your links: Ok, this part may take a couple of minutes but the more you can add, the more we can all connect. Add in your website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram Handles. We want to stay connected and build a network of fierce feminine business women.

4. Share a personal introduction: Make it fun and most importantly tell us your “Why” – Why do you what you do? What are you passionate about? Why are you involved in BPW? We want to know it all!

5. Recommend a fellow Member: Celebrate your fellow members by giving them a loving shout out for their products, services or just because they are an awesome human being.


Bonus: Take a look around the Directory. “Meet” a fellow Member you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet, learn something new about someone you’ve known for years, or maybe find your next service provider or even your next business partner!



Krista Martens
Vice President, BPW Saskatoon