KIVA Project Update: June 2018


Hi BPW Saskatoon Members!

This month, we received a “journal update” from one of our KIVA loan recipients:


Image courtesy KIVA

Maria Luz is a mother and head of a family of 4 children aged 14, 16, 22 and 26 years old. Thanks to her general store business she gets ahead and gives them a good quality life.

Maria wants to expand her services&sell the food she produces to improve her sales, so she is requesting a loan to buy a hearth and an assortment of staple products.Her goal is to continue growing her business and give her children a good education.


I encourage you to visit Kiva’s website and see the various ways you can make a difference for these women, either by starting your own account or by contributing to the BPW account via a Kiva Card.


Lisa Steinhilber

BPW Saskatoon Advocacy Director