KIVA Project Update: February 2018

In this month’s updates, I’d like to introduce you to more of the wonderful ladies we’ve been helping around the world (below), and tell you a little more about how they’re using the loans to better their financial position and help their families.

I encourage you to visit Kiva’s website and see the various ways you can make a difference for these women, either by starting your own account or by contributing to the BPW account via Kiva Card at https://www.kiva.org/gifts/kiva-cards.

Lisa Steinhilber
BPW Saskatoon Advocacy Director




Photo courtesy KIVA

Fatma is 51, married, and has three daughters. She has a small cattle fattening business and her husband works as a farmer for landlords. She is requesting this loan to buy a cow to expand her project and increase her income for her children.

Fatma’s loan was in the amount of $575 and was advanced on July 12, 2017 and is repayable in monthly instalments over the subsequent 14 months.


Photo courtesy KIVA

It is rare to meet such a strong, cheerful, young woman as Firuza. Every day, she is found pursuing her favorite work. She plans to continue working in her profession as a seamstress for many years. She works hard and tries to provide her family with all necessities.

Firuza wants to expand her business and has decided to purchase more fabric and other sewing materials to do so. Firuza requested a loan in the amount of $800 which was advanced on June 6, 2017. The loan is repayable in monthly installments over the subsequent 20 months.


Photo courtesy KIVA

Kea is 32 years old and lives in Tbaung Khmum province. She has two children who are studying in a local state school and still depend on her. She farms rice and her husband works as a paid worker for many years. She and her husband are able to earn just enough income to support her family’s living and are able to save only a little income for future need.

She has applied for a loan in the amount of $750 to buy fertilizer and seeds to support her crops. She believes her crops will grow well and be able to increase her income to support her children’s studies. Her loan was advanced on May 11, 2017 and is repayable in monthly instalments over the subsequent 26 months.