ATHENA® Sponsor Impact: TD Private Wealth

Recently, our ATHENA® committee sat down with Robin Chapman of TD Private Wealth to discuss why sponsoring events like the ATHENA® Leadership Awards and Symposium is so important to them.

Tell us a little about you and your company, TD Private Wealth.
At TD Private Wealth and within the TD family it is important that we look at inclusion and diversity in the communities we live. We have been pleased to support Business Professional Women of Saskatoon and their leadership in supporting the development of strong women leaders within our community and province. TD has been recognized for creating a safe and diverse work environment for all our employees and promoting growth and leadership for women.

As a past sponsor why was it important to TD Private Wealth to sponsor the ATHENA® Leadership Awards and Symposium?
The ATHENA® Leadership Model principles align to develop authentic and collaborative leaders. BPW Saskatoon has led the way in delivering this program to our community and we are supportive of this initiative. Your organization has assisted women with educational bursaries, with mentorship and the opportunity to volunteer within an organization that supports women in developing leadership skills.

As a sponsor you would have attended the event, can you recount a memorable or standout moment that resonated with you?
We have enjoyed the opportunity to be a sponsor and recognize women in our community who are making a difference to lead the way for the next generation. The luncheon session makes it easy for many to attend and as a sponsor we like to invite guests to join us to learn more about the ATHENA® principles and BPW Saskatoon. It is a great opportunity to see directly the impact our sponsorship has made in the lives of the recipients.

If you could say anything to future sponsors about why they should sponsor this event, what would that be?
The ATHENA® Leadership Awards encourage the development of well-rounded community leaders. By supporting this program and the ATHENA® Leadership Model it is a direct way to encourage not only our current but also future leaders, those who will impact and shape our community both today and in the future.


On behalf of the ATHENA® Committee we would like to thank Robin Chapman and TD Private Wealth for taking the time to speak with us on the importance of sponsoring events like The ATHENA® Leadership Awards Program.


Robin Chapman was an ATHENA® Professional Award Recipient in 2014 and TD Private Wealth has been an ATHENA® Awards sponsor for many years.

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