Accessory to a Change is Back & it will be The Bomb! YOU NEED TO BE THERE.

Yaaaaaasssss ladiesssssss! There is SO MUCH ALIGNMENT going on for me about the absolutely DIVINE and BIG-CITY caliber event that BPW Saskatoon is offering on Thursday, June 7th, 2018!


Are you KIDDING ME? Our keynote speaker Sara Agah Franti is an emergency room registered nurse, who, along with the inspiration of her husband Michael Franti (yes, THAT Michael Franti) created the Do It For the Love Foundation after witnessing the power that music has to bring families together during their times of greatest need. The mission of their foundation is to provide live concert experiences to children and adults living with end stages of life threatening illness or special needs as well as wounded veterans. Sara and Michael completely SWIM in community leadership and philanthropy and Sara is coming to inspire Saskatoon at a time when recent events in our province’s fabric may need her message most. Sara is going to knock your socks off, make you happy to be alive, and inspire the helper and healer in YOU.


As if THAT wasn’t enough, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ’cause Zoey Pricelys Roy is bringing it all home with a slam poetry performance showcasing how this poet has found her fire by connecting to her Indigenous culture. A storyteller, poet, producer, educator… BRING IT ZOEY.


This AND MORE: Purpose driven silent auction, famous strolling dinner, sparkly drinks, bling, bling bling to win with raffles – stay tuned as we announce our killer sponsors too!


The aim of our sparkly soiree is to raise $10,000 in support of our BPW bursary program for mature and aboriginal women in Saskatoon and beyond. These bursaries have a tremendous effect in the lives of women who receive them. Go get some Kleenex FIRST and then watch these videos from our recipients last year:




WHY is this SOOOOO aligned for me?

– kick ass international feminine leadership – check
– compassionate community connection – check
– local unique talent showcased at home – check
– ridiculously timely opportunity for collective healing – check
– seeing more women step into their power through education – check

Emcee Lana at Accessory to a Change 2017

– a night out with fabulous women – great food, great drinks – check

– AND OH RIGHT: ***I get to hold a MICROPHONE****!! That’s right – did I mention? I am your EMCEE for the night!!!! BOOOM! Wait – you are still going to come, aren’t you???




DO THIS: purchase a collection of 8 tickets TODAY to Accessory to a Change for the ridiculously low early bird price of $525 and give your tickets as beautiful tokens of appreciation to those in your tribe that love and support you – I mean keep one for yourself Honey, come on…


Another idea? Purchase and DONATE a collection of tickets to some phenomenal community members who have touched your life.


I bought TWO collections this year – one collection for my tribe of supporters to show them how much I appreciate them and another that I am donating to the emergency response personnel who gave their hearts and souls to the recent Humbolt tragedy so they can come to hear one of their own as a means of healing.


You can also buy individual tickets at the early bird price of $75 as well – but you don’t want to come alone, do you?



So much love. See you all there. I’ll be the one with the microphone!!

Lana Wickstrom
Separation Specialist
& Emcee of Accessory to a Change