Accessory to a Change; An Invitation to Shine

Accessory to a ChangeSure, there were spectacular silent auction items, a sassy little photo booth, a bevy of delicious drinks, tantalizing food stations, a hilariously emceed fashion show and incredibly bejeweled women everywhere I looked at Accessory to a Change in its debut last year, however this sophisticated and classy event was so much more to me than a fantastic night out…

Last year’s Accessory to a Change was my first introduction to BPW Saskatoon. My colleague at the time, and now most recent judge named to the Provincial Court, Judge Marilyn Penner, who was a BPW Board Member, graciously invited me to join her. Little did I know that her invitation would end up drastically changing my life trajectory. That night, I discovered the most articulate community of feminine energy that had no borders, no limits and no boundaries. I wanted to guzzle the kool-aid: I needed to be a part of this.

Joining BPW Saskatoon has gifted me new relationships, friendships, career opportunities and business connections – it was easy for me to see how membership paid off in spades in terms of its networking value. Of more significant personal value to me, however, has been my ability to learn through BPW Saskatoon about how woman locally, nationally and internationally are rising, shining, changing, improving and gifting their talents to the world. BPW Saskatoon has exposed me to the incredibly brave and talented women in my community and beyond that are making an impact and changing lives. With these opportunities for learning and education come personal growth, expansion and inspiration for a vision beyond that which is right in front of you.

The personal and professional return I have experienced as a result of my BPW Saskatoon membership, which all started with my invitation to attend Accessory to a Change, is a cherished gift, and one that I would now like to share with you. Join me on Thursday, April 6, 2017 for a fantastic night of feminine celebration inspired by an incredible cause to raise bursary money for mature and aboriginal women to help them achieve their personal and professional goals! Look for me there – I will be the one handing out the kool-aid.