January Member Spotlight – Joanne Bourgault


Joanne Bourgault

What do you do when you feel unfulfilled as an accountant? If you’re Joanne Bourgault, you decide that fulfillment is more important than the status quo and you become a dentist. And what if, after a ten-year journey in the field of dentistry, your creativity feels stifled and complete fulfillment remains out of reach? You start working with a coach or two, delve into personal development, launch a blog, and become a Desire Map facilitator (http://www.daniellelaporte.com/DML/joanne-bourgault/), while still practicing dentistry.

A dentist (and accountant) by profession, but a writer by passion, Joanne shares her biggest epiphanies and lessons on her blog at livelikeamomboss.com (http://www.livelikeamomboss.com/blog/). Through her writing, Joanne wants to inspire women to become empowered, to find and be connected to their tribes in authenticity, to feel purposeful and fulfilled, and to be aligned with and true to their deepest desires.

In addition to her work as a writer, Joanne is also a licensed Desire Map facilitator(http://www.daniellelaporte.com/DML/joanne-bourgault/). She runs Desire Map workshops based on the book The Desire Map (http://bit.ly/2hXwigz) written by Canadian thought-leader Danielle LaPorte.

The premise of The Desire Map (http://bit.ly/2hXwigz) is that we have the goal-setting backwards. We set goals thinking that we’ll feel a certain way once we achieve them, yet we often feel a sense of disappointment when we hit our targets because we don’t end up feeling what we want to feel. If instead we figure out how we want to feel AND then set meaning goals, our lives can completely shift. In her workshops, Joanne guides her clients to their Core Desire Feelings so that they can get clarity about what they really want in their lives.

Pursuing her passion projects reenergizes Joanne and helps her manage the pressures of practicing dentistry and running her practice at University Heights Dental Studio(https://www.facebook.com/UniversityHeightsDentalStudio/).

Joanne is also the mother of two and has been married to her husband, Warren, for nearly nineteen years. She’s a huge fan of The Walking Dead, dreams of writing a zombie novel, and makes a mean peppermint brownie

Joanne Bourgault