3 Reasons to Practice YOUR Pitch

Join us at our Pitch Party and AGM on June 3 for a chance to practice and improve your pitch. Why? Check out our top 3 reasons below:

  1. Freak out when you have to “sell yourself”? Whether angling for a raise, interviewing for a new job, or just showcasing the way we rocked our latest projects, women are less likely to be comfortable bragging about about ourselves and our awesomeness. So step up and share – get comfortable with being loud and proud.

  2. Does networking make you nervous? We all know that building relationships is key to career success. Get some feedback on your “elevator speech” from some super supportive peers so that next time you walk into a room full of potential contacts you are cool, confident, and ready to connect.

  3. Dreaming of participating in Seeds for Dreams or other opportunities like it, but scared of public speaking? Hate media interviews because you worry about “how you sound” or worry that the right words won’t come out? Practice in front of a super supportive crowd.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to Susan Cain, author of New York Times #1 best seller Quiet: the power of introverts.”:

“The key is, and this is true of any fear, not just public speaking, that you have to expose yourself to it… in very small bites. You can’t start by giving a TED talk, you have to do it little by little. You practise in environments where the stakes are really low and it doesn’t matter how much you screw up.”

So what are you waiting for? Book your spot NOW!