2018 BPW Canada Leadership Award Recipient



2018 BPW Canada Leadership Award Recipient, Jami Young

The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW Canada) announced the recipient of the 2018 BPW Canada Leadership Award on Saturday, August 11 during the BPW Canada National Convention taking place at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario. This year’s recipient, Jami Young, (a member of BPW Saskatoon) was honoured during Saturday’s luncheon event. The BPW Canada Leadership Award recognizes women who demonstrate exceptional leadership in the empowerment of women.

Jami Young is a successful entrepreneur, prolific writer, impactful speaker, and celebrated teacher currently residing in Saskatoon. She is a creative, compassionate, and compelling leader with an unparalleled ability to shine in any opportunity that entails supporting individuals and organizations to unleash their greatest potential. As a professional fundraiser, Jami guided donors on their journeys to realize meaningful change and contribution. As a non-profit leader, she has empowered organizations to stand taller in their vision and values. As a consultant, she’s emboldened entrepreneurs and business owners to be braver, more strategic, and more authentic in their missions and messages.

Over the past five years, Jami has been illuminating the way for countless women to lead with more courage, compassion, and audacity. Jami’s business is the first of its kind in Saskatchewan – wholly dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and supporting women as they step into leadership. Via her vibrant online platform at, one-on-one coaching, innovative training programs, dynamic live events, and international speaking engagements, Jami has helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs, executives, and change-makers to boldly step into their power, embrace their unique gifts, and fiercely redefine success on their own terms.


Jami is highly recognized and appreciated as one of Saskatoon’s most involved community leaders, putting in hundreds of selfless hours each and every year. Jami’s commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism is unquestionable with contributions that have been substantial and far-reaching. She is a tireless ambassador and passionate advocate for the organizations she leads, serves, and supports. These organizations have included Creative Kids, the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op, the University of Saskatchewan, the Princess Shop, and International Day of the Girl.

In addition to being a dedicated non-profit leader and donor to many charitable organizations, Jami is actively engaged in BPW Saskatoon, regularly lending her communication, marketing, and fundraising expertise to the organization. In 2016, she founded the Accessory to a Change event, which aims to raise money for Indigenous and mature women to access post-secondary educational opportunities.

Jami has been named as one of CBC’s Future 40, received the Athena Young Professional Award, and was recognized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals as an Honoured Supporter.

BPW Canada is one of more than 100 countries that make up IFBPW (The International Federation of Business and Professional Women), which holds General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. BPW influences policy through active participation with permanent representatives of the UN agencies in New York, Paris and Geneva.

Check out her incredibly inspiring acceptance speech and the presentation of the award below:

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