Vice President

Time Commitment: 3-4 Hours
Seeking Age Diversity: Any
Previous Board Experience: 0 Years
Board Size: 6-10 People
Donation/Membership Purchase Required: Yes
Closing Date: April.30.2019


As Vice President of BPW Saskatoon you share the vision of BPW – To champion women so that they can develop a greater purpose and exceed their potential – in order to make an impact on YXE and beyond. You will work with a dynamic board of incredible women who are supporting the vision through working with the three pillars of the organization. Education, Leadership and Advocacy.

Duties include: As VP you will be in charge of governance matters such as By-Law updates and Nominations for the upcoming Board positions as you move into the Presidents term. If needed, you will be expected to stand in for the current President if she is unavailable to do any duties. As Past President you are in a support role to the current President at that time. You will assist in any governance matters in this year as well.

Skills developed: You will be mentored by the current President in developing your own Board Meeting operation (how to set an agenda, running a board meeting), proper communication channels & overall history of the board. You will always have the President as support to navigate any issues that may arise.

Term commitment: July 1st 2019-June 30th 2023
Time commitment: 3-4 hours/week

1 year as Vice President (with mentorship), 2 years as President, 1 year as Past President (supporting President)

Skills seen as assets:

-Can facilitate group learning to individuals with various opinions.

-Leadership qualities such as support, trust and empathy.

-Can bring a group of people to a consensus decision.

-Knows basics of Roberts Rules of Order and how to run a board meeting

*Successful applicant is announced at the June AGM. Voting process followed during AGM if multiple candidates*

How to apply

Email your resume/bio to Caval Olson-Lepage at