Co-operatives First is Seeking Applicants for a variety of Board / Committee opportunities

Time Commitment: 3-4 Hours
Seeking Age Diversity: Any
Previous Board Experience: 4-6 Years
Board Size: 6-10 People
Donation/Membership Purchase Required: No
Closing Date: February.2.2018


Co-operatives First helps rural and indigenous communities grow and thrive using the co-operative business model across the four western provinces. We have the supports, resources and experience to help groups decide if they should become entrepreneurs, and we have the networks and connections to support group entrepreneurs working hard to build their businesses. We are seeking individuals interested in sitting on the following:
Co-operatives First Board
The primary function of the up to 9-member board is to provide governance oversight and strategic direction to the organization. Co-operatives First provides 5 types of services:
1. Inspiring community: We host events promoting the co-operative business model across western Canada.
2. Exploring an opportunity: The co-operative business model is versatile – if a group has identified an opportunity and would like support and guidance in finding a solution, we will help.
3. Creating a co-operative business: After exploring options, assessing community support and deciding on the co-operative business model as a solution, we can provide guidance.
4. Helping business thrive: Running a business is challenging – especially for group entrepreneurs. We can help a co-operative business thrive with the connections to resources and expertise.

5. Building a network and know-how: We provide training for economic and business development professionals interested in a versatile and adaptive business model positioned well for use in rural and Indigenous communities.
Our current operating budget of approximately $1 million annually is provided by Federated Co-operatives Limited.
Board member terms are three years. The Board meets a minimum of four times per year. In addition, board members are expected to serve on at least one board committee, with meetings as required throughout the year. Co-operatives First is a not-for-profit (NFP) organization and, therefore, board participation is voluntary.
Finance and Audit Committee (reporting to the Board)
The primary function of the committee is to monitor and recommend to the Board of Directors on policy matters relating to: finances, financial reporting, investments, insurance, audit planning and appointment of external auditors should an audit be required. The Committee meets at minimum four (4) times per year.
Corporate Governance Committee (reporting to the Board)
The primary function is to provide oversight to the functioning of the Co-operatives First Board. At minimum the committee meets four (4) times per year.
Indigenous Advisory Committee (reporting to the Board)
The primary function of this expert committee is to provide guidance to the organization’s operations on Indigenous issues when requested by the board.
Candidate Qualifications
Candidates must be dedicated to Co-operative First’s mission of helping rural & Indigenous communities grow & thrive.
We are seeking people with a background and qualifications in any of the following areas:
• Experience in policy governance and setting strategic direction
• Finance / accounting with a CPA designation
• Co-operative development
• Experience in the Not for Profit sector
• Business development / management
• Entrepreneurship
• Community/Economic Development
• Indigenous / Rural community development
• Law with an LLB designation
• Human Resources
• Fundraising
• Public/Community Relations

How to apply

Please complete the Board Applicant Questionnaire and submit it, along with your resume including two references, to Audra Krueger, Executive Director, Co-operatives First, #213 - 310 Wall Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 1N7, or The selection committee is reviewing applicants. You will be contacted regarding the status of your application following their review. Potential candidates will be subject to an interview. Thank you for your interest in Co-operatives First.