Bursary Chair

Time Commitment: < 2 Hours
Seeking Age Diversity: Any
Previous Board Experience: 0 Years
Board Size: 6-10 People
Donation/Membership Purchase Required: No
Closing Date: April.30.2019


As Bursary Chair of BPW Saskatoon you share the vision of BPW – To champion women so that they can develop a greater purpose and exceed their potential – in order to make an impact on YXE and beyond. You will work with the Programs Director and a dynamic board of incredible women who are supporting the vision through working with the three pillars of the organization. Education, Leadership and Advocacy.

Duties include: run the bursary committee and all bursary-related functions. In practice, that means:

•review and update the application packages based on feedback from previous years

•identify women in the SK-community whose input would add to the deliberations of the bursary committee and invite them to participate

•report to the Board on the doings of the committee through the Programs Director

•communicate with the 20+ educational institutions and related organizations in Saskatoon when it is time to release the annual bursary application package; keep an updated contact list for same

•draft required media releases, promotional videos, etc with the assistance of the BPW Saskatoon Marketing Committee

•communicate with the bursary winners throughout process

•consult with the BPW Saskatoon Treasurer re: bursary committee expenses; submit claims for same

•review first cut of applications as they are received; communicate with every applicant and let them know when the application period is over.

Skills developed: creating and facilitating committee members, organization of local bursary program, effective communication skills.

Skills seen as assets:

-Can contribute and collaborate with individuals with various opinions.

-Qualities such as support, trust and empathy.

-Organized and detailed orientated

Term commitment: July 1st 2019-June 30th 2021
Weekly Time Commitment: Biggest months: June (with Accessory to a Change prep); March (bursary committee prep and meeting) – roughly 20 hours each month
Lightest months: Jul/Aug – 1.25 hrs estimated work for the period
Average: 7.5 hrs/month or 2 hrs/week

How to apply

Email resume/bio to Caval Olson-Lepage at pastpresident@bpwsaskatoon.com