Advocacy Director

Time Commitment: < 2 Hours
Seeking Age Diversity: Any
Previous Board Experience: 0 Years
Board Size: 6-10 People
Donation/Membership Purchase Required: Yes
Closing Date: April.30.2019


As Advocacy Director of BPW Saskatoon you share the vision of BPW – To champion women so that they can develop a greater purpose and exceed their potential – in order to make an impact on YXE and beyond. You will work with a dynamic board of incredible women who are supporting the vision through working with the three pillars of the organization. Education, Leadership and Advocacy.

Duties include:

KIVA – Monitoring account, relending funds, facilitating annual contributions by the club, updating membership via web posts (coordinated with Marketing department) about our involvement. (estimated 1 hr/month)

Women on Boards – Coordinating with current lead and reporting progress/issues/etc to the Board. Also working with Women on Boards Lead to move the project forward and provide assistance where necessary. (estimated 1 hr/month)

Attend monthly Board meetings (estimated 3-4 hr/month)

Resolution writing – annual collaboration with President/Past President to write and submit resolutions to National BPW (estimated 5-10 hours per year)

Women’s Empowerment Principles – Coordinating with lead for this initiative and reporting back to board. Providing guidance and assistance to WEPs lead. (estimated 1 hr/month)

Skills developed: You gain an understanding of the advocacy work within BPW Saskatoon, learning Robert’s Rules of Order, history of BPW Saskatoon Board and the collaborative process of running a non-profit organization.

Term commitment: July 1st 2019-June 30th 2023
Time commitment: 2-3 hours/week

Skills seen as assets:

-Can contribute and collaborate with individuals with various opinions.

-Qualities such as support, trust and empathy.

-Able to coordinate with multiple project leads

How to apply

Email resume/bio to Caval Olson-Lepage at