Topaz Bursary Advocates support Accessory to a Change

Thanks to our amazing Topaz sponsors, Accessory to a Change 2019 is able to have even more of an impact on the lives of local women through our Educational Bursary Program.

In no particular order, here they are telling you why supporting Accessory to a Change is important to them:


Why is supporting Accessory to a Change important to Orano?
At Orano, we strive to provide an enjoyable, diverse and inclusive work environment for all our employees. In this whelm, we also have a particular focus on having a workforce representative of the communities near our operations and offices, it means in large part a focus on residents of northern Saskatchewan and women.

We chose to contribute to the success of Accessory to Change’s bursary program and event because it fit within our vision for diversity and inclusion. By helping women further their education and empowering them to overcome some of barriers they may encounter, BPW’s Accessory to Change is, like Orano, trying to make our community a more welcoming and inclusive place to work and thrive for all.”

Why is supporting Accessory to a Change important to WESK?
WESK believes investing in the capacity of Indigenous women will help build a stronger and more inclusive economy in Saskatchewan.

These women are the life givers and caregivers of their communities; they are the heart and soul of all of their families and communities. When they succeed we all succeed.

Thank you to our Topaz sponsors for supporting Accessory to a Change 2019!