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June 3, 2019

5:30 pm Registration/Networking
6:00 pm Buffet Supper
6:30 pm AGM
7:30 pm Pitches Begin


LB Distillers
814 47th Street East, Saskatoon


$30 Member
$35 Non-Member

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Join BPW Saskatoon for a casual dinner and networking with dynamic local women at our very own Pitch Party! We are providing the opportunity for some of our BPW Saskatoon Members to “Practice their Pitch” in front of a panel of three judges.

Come out and learn more about the women and businesses that make up BPW Saskatoon – our community of local women supporting greater equality for all people through education, leadership, and advocacy!


Be a Part of the Pitch Party!

We are looking for women who would like practice and receive feedback on their 1-3 minute elevator-style pitch. We want to know “who they are, what they do, and why they do it”.

To participate, the person must:

  1. Be a current BPW member
  2. Purchase an event ticket prior to registering for pitch spot
  3. Email programs@bpwsaskatoon.com to register for a pitch spot. Pitch spots are limited and will be given on a first come/first serve basis for those who qualify.


Meet the Pitch Party Judges


Jackie Martin

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I run multiple companies, including an environmental consulting company, a residential development company and a safety company. I am also a wife and a mother to two young girls. I am passionate about spending time with my family at our lakeside cabin we built together and can be found there most weekends throughout the year.

More recently, I started a company for girls, called TinySpark Boutique. We launched in December! As the mom of two girls, it broke my heart to watch their confidence dwindle as they hit school age. And I wanted to do something about it. At Tiny Spark Boutique, we want to help you support her self confidence. So that she believes she can do anything. So she’ll be safe, have a happy life, and find a career that will allow her to achieve whatever she dreams of. When you shop at TinySpark Boutique, you’re not just buying more stuff.

You’re gifting her small, daily reminders that’ll help boost her confidence, even when you’re not there.

Contact Details:
Email: jackie@tinysparkboutique.com
Phone: 306-281-8120
Mail: Box 32032 RPO Erindale Saskatoon, Sk S7S1N8

Facebook: @tinysparkboutique
Instagram: @tinysparkboutique


Lana Wickstrom

Lana Wickstrom has harmonized her education, skills and talents as a layer, social worker, mediator, coach, community leader, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to help people in her Saskatchewan community to navigate the tremendously deep and personal life transition of separation and divorce outside of courtrooms and with dignity.

As a separation specialist, Lana’s goal is to meet each client exactly where they are in their separation story and provide the desperately needed education, support and guidance to help them make informed decisions instead of act on emotional reactions to their separation as they prioritize their financial, social and emotional selves as well as their children’s needs.



Stacey Love

Stacey Love is a multi-disciplinary Engineer and Project Manager with chronic pain. After 15 years of trying any pain-management option available, including a health region pilot program for new ways to treat chronic pain, Stacey needed an alternative to opioids. In 2014, she began researching medical marijuana.

She put her chemical engineering degree to work, developing a line of products for pain management that she is now extending to other illnesses and for canine care. With their engineering firm LovePS, Stacey and her husband Jessie have developed a niche as engineers who design home and commercial grow-ops.

As an informed professional, Stacey wants to dispel the fears that people have about marijuana. She began LoveMJ solutions after her doctor lamented the lack of reliable information available to health care professionals, especially about how patients should actually USE cannabis. Her blog offers honest advice, recipes, and dosing options for followers that include patients, health care professionals, and politicians. LoveMJ now offers seminars for schools, companies, and individuals who want a better understanding of both medical and recreational marijuana.