When November hits, you might feel like you’re starting to circle the drain when it comes to your energy levels and mental resources.
If you feel:
– anxious that you’re heading into the darkness of winter
– already overwhelmed by the extra layer of stress that comes with pandemic living
– like you’re always taking care of everyone else, and not necessarily yourself
then you’re definitely not alone.
The reality is that working women like you carry not only the responsibilities of their work and businesses but also all the other to-dos…
from managing their family schedules and volunteering in their communities…
to hauling the kids to soccer and getting healthy meals on the table after work.
Sure, you’ve heard that self-care is important, but how do you fit that into your already full schedule in a practical and meaningful way?
Enter: Cara Taylor.
As a Registered Social Worker and founder of Oaks Mental Health, Cara focuses on equipping her clients with practical knowledge to assist them in supporting their own mental health, as well as the mental health of those within their personal spheres.
We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Cara will be sharing her knowledge in a special 1-hour online workshop, Practical Self-Care Strategies.
In this BPW Lunch & Learn session, Cara will be teaching you:
– why self-care matters
– self-care myths and misconceptions
– beliefs that fuel self-neglect
– how to make a self-care action plan
and more!
If you’d love to head into December with a plan to take care of yourself so you can effectively manage your mental health in the busiest of seasons, click here to grab your ticket.
P.S. Have a friend or colleague who’s hitting her max and could use some real-life self-care strategies?



Event details:
Tuesday, November 10th
12-1 pm
$10 for members/$15 for non-members
hosted virtually on Zoom


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