Our organization is made up of like minded women who are the bold change makers in both their personal and professional lives.

BPW Saskatoon Membership allows you to…

  • gain valuable committee and/or board experience
  • experience a supportive environment in which to continually build your business
  • create a professional network based on relationships and deep connection
  • step into your abilities as a leader and mentor
  • learn and advocate for women’s issues that affect both local and global communities

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We would love to have you join us!

BPW Saskatoon Memberships are a one year term from initial date of joining.

  • New Member $175/yr
  • Renewal $150/yr
  • Student $87.50/yr

Pricing Note: $3 processing fee added to membership amounts Portion of all fees are remitted to BPW Provincial, BPW National and BPW International.

The strength, wisdom and power of women joining together in community is undeniable.

Experience it for yourself!