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Tammy Richmond



Soterra Financial Group Ltd

1400 - 606 Spadina Cres E

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About Tammy

I am proud to call Saskatchewan my home. I embody the strong values lived by generations before me that are the foundation of this province. Work hard, be a good neighbor, and look after your family and friends; Do the right thing. We build our lives on the foundation laid by those before us. It is from there we find the integrity and strength to navigate through life transitions.  Some are traumatic, like the death of our loved ones, major career or life changes. Some are less traumatic yet equally impacting to our foundation such as preparing for retirement or planning for the future. All can overwhelm us and cause uncertainty. When you add in the financial implications and unknowns of these transitions, it can create  pressure and perceived limitations about one’s choices and opportunities. This is the place where I most love to work, and where I feel I make a difference. I believe no one should have their potential or future limited by a financial situation. I’m intensely passionate about this and have worked hard and long to obtain my education and designations, Certified Financial Planner and Registered Retirement Consultant, to equip me with the qualifications and expertise to provide the best possible financial options to those I serve. I meet people where they are, in the heart of their situation, and in the place that fits best for them, around the kitchen table, in the field at harvest, at the jobsite, or at the office. The work happens where it needs to happen. The people with whom I work with, say they leave feeling optimistic about their future, focused with a financial plan tailored to their specific needs and freed to turn their time and attention to whatever is important to them. I’m proud to be described as someone who walks their talk, a real, tell it like it is person, who loves a good laugh, is well respected in community and business, and ferociously loyal to her people. The foundational values of this province, to do the right thing, run deep and wide within me.  It’s why I’ll always be a prairie girl at heart.  Saskatchewan is home, it’s where my people are.

Why I am Part of BPW

I chose BPW because I believe that to really affect long term change we need women at the table so our collective voice is heard. We need boards that are diversified, we need women leading organizations and we need good strong mentors that lead by example. I saw BPW as a place where that can happen.


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