Monica Kreuger

Monica Kreuger


Global Infobrokers Inc. / Home of the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship and Praxis International Institute

131 Wall Street
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 6C2

(306) 664-0505

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About Monica

Her company has assisted over 850 entrepreneurs launch their companies in Saskatchewan and Alberta through their post secondary institute, the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship. In 2010 they opened an office in China where they serve entrepreneurs who wish to come to Saskatchewan.

She spearheaded, designed, lobbied for, and received support from educational and private sponsors to launch Saskatchewan’s first investment based business plan competition, Venture Forward $100K Business Plan Competition that launched 30 companies over 5 years.  She co-founded Praxis International Institute in the Craik eco-village, an alternative learning space for young people focused on entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.  Helping people see their potential and create their own futures is her passion.

She also believes in Good Governance. She is 2nd Vice Chair on the Saskatchewan Chamber board; Chair of the Cooperatives First Board; Board Secretary of the Luthercare Communities Board and Director of their 2 profit companies; Secretary for the Career Colleges of Saskatchewan, Senator and member of the executive committee of the U of S Senate; and past board member/officer of several non profit community boards.  She has been privileged to receive numerous recognitions locally, provincially and nationally and is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community.

Proud mother, grandmother and married to her life and business partner for 41 years, Monica continues to follow her passion of helping people pursue theirs through entrepreneurship.

Her company’s motto: Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs.

Why I am Part of BPW

This organization has had an incredible impact in how I see and interact with the world.  It is truly an organization with a purpose bigger than you can imagine until you are involved, and one that I encourage all I meet to join.  I joined it because it had a larger purpose ie focused on building community through education and advocacy and elevating women’s profile.  In particular I have appreciated its role in bringing the critical role of women in politics to the forefront.  I am not one to join an organization solely based on socializing – I need to bring my passion to issues and change – that is why BPW.