Jackie Reimche

Jackie Reimche

Non-Diet Holistic Nutritionist

Freedom Holistic Nutrition

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About Jackie

Jackie Reimche is a non-diet Registered Holistic Nutritionist, who also has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a Master’s degree in counselling.  She works with women through online programs, group programs in Saskatoon, and one-on-one nutrition consulting.

Before she becomes famous, she’d like you to know that you pronounce her last name like this: REM-key.

Because of her personal journey and education, Jackie’s passion in life is to teach women how to eat so that they can be the BEST version of themselves, instead of tirelessly chasing after the smallest version of themselves.  She wants women to feel free around food and in their body.  Jackie knows that it is important to create a plan that is simple and suits your personality and preferences, and in doing so your work with her will be sustainable and long-lasting.

Why I am Part of BPW

I joined BPW for many reasons, including: connecting with like-minded women, finding mentors, being part of something bigger, and giving back to my community.