Do you need help adding opportunities, editing current opportunities or editing your profile? We’ve created a list of screencasts to help you along.

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Getting Started

The Women on Boards portal brings together boards looking for new members and candidates. Your main page as a corporate member of the Women on Boards portal is your profile page. From this page you can edit your profile, see opportunities you've created, and add new opportunities.

Updating your profile

To edit your profile, click on the Edit Profile button on the left hand side of your profile page, and update any information you need. Don't forget to click on Submit at the bottom of the form to save your changes.

Create a listing

To create a new position that candidates can apply to, click on the Add Opportunity button on the left hand side of your page. Fill in all the details, including the "How to Apply" section, which tells candidates how they can apply for this position (i.e. send an email to your organization email with resume and cover letter). Candidates cannot apply for positions online so this information is critical.

Edit a listing

To edit an opportunity you've created, scroll down and see the existing opportunities on the bottom right hand corner. Click on the Edit button to edit the opportunity, or click on the View button to see the opportunity as it will appear for candidates.

Receive applications

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