Hard Decisions and Big Visions

Over the past week, I’ve written the start of this message over a dozen times. I’ve been processing and wrangling with a number of emotions while watching the world around us change. With each attempt at writing, I’d find a little bit of clarity – drill down a little further on what I wanted my core message to be. So here goes. 

Now is the time for calmcentred leadership that puts the needs of the community at the forefront of all decisions. 

We, as a community, are being asked to follow measures and protocols that our Federal and Provincial Governments have instituted to protect our most vulnerable members of society. For some, that means finding a way to pivot from working in an office outside of the home to working from home. For others, it could mean being mandated to close the business you have sacrificed tirelessly to create. 

One thing that is constant – women are being called into action on all fronts of their lives right now. Business, career, home life, family needs. 

How do we make those decisions demanding our attention in a calm way?  How do we stay grounded and centred through it all? 

We do as we always do. We lead by example. 

With all of this in mind, the entire team at BPW Saskatoon felt the calm, centred decision that was best for our community at this time was to cancel Accessory to a Change for 2020. This decision was made over the course of a week with a group of women who I am privileged to know. They each came to the table ready to make the decisions that needed to be made with such thoughtfulness for others – it truly was an honour to be in a space with them during this time. 

Now let’s all focus our energies towards 2021. Mark your calendars now and keep April 22, 2021, set aside for Accessory to a Change. Want to know why? Well, imagine this…

You are entering the Remai Modern on the evening of April 22. You’ve been through so much in the past while (where do you even begin) you have decided to don your favourite outfit in support of BPW in raising funds for post-secondary education for women in the community. It makes your heart sing! You wear that bright lipstick that you’ve been saving in your drawer since this all began and are so looking forward to a night out. As you start to walk up the stairs of the gallery you can hear, no feel, the hum of conversation coming from the level above you. You exit the stairs and find the room is filled to the brim with jubilant women who are finding a connection not only with each other but with a common purpose – supporting each other.  You notice instantly the depth of these conversations. Women have been yearning to be together and for a moment you sense that every single person in that room is so grateful to have each other and this time. You take a deep breath in and join the crowd. 

That is the vision I am holding onto right now. 

With love and support,
Krista Martens
BPW Saskatoon President

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