When I last wrote to you, I was nervous about how we might move forward in a year where meeting in large groups wasn’t going to happen.

And while our programming in 2020 hasn’t been typical in method or content, maybe that’s okay, because maybe this year we aren’t meant to act in typical ways. 

​Maybe this year is less about hustle and more about reflection.

Less about in-person connection, and more about being aware of how we’re all interconnected.

Less about running towards hard-and-fast goals (although if that’s the season you’re in, we are cheering you on!), and more about reflection and recalibration.

Because if ever there was a time to examine how we spend our time and energy, it’s now. 

As such, BPW’s programming in the latter half of 2020 has aimed at providing you with support so that you can expand your perspective, experience greater diversity, and serve the greater good.

To the women who’ve been able to join us, I want to applaud you for your involvement in our Book Club.

Your willingness to be raw and vulnerable through hard conversations in the name of anti-racism has been inspiring to witness. 

To the women who attended the self-care lunch-and-learn with Cara Taylor from Oaks Mental Health, congratulations for taking the time to look out for your own health, and for normalizing the act of caring for yourself as much as you care for others.

I am continually inspired by the women around me and believe ALL our voices deserve a spot at the table.

We are stronger, kinder and more successful when our perspective is broadened beyond the typical!

President’s Message

Kim Gilbert

BPW Saskatoon President