To achieve a just and equal status for women in all levels and areas of society where decisions are taken in true partnership with men, based on mutual respect, for a more balanced and peaceful world.


To develop the professional and leadership potential of women in Canada through education, awareness, advocacy and mentoring within a supportive network.

Our Membership Model

  • Awareness, advocacy & action (making positive change)
  • Leadership skills and career advancement
  • Personal development
  • Supportive networking and lasting friendships

Core Values and Operating Principles

  1. Honour and Celebrate Diversity
    We will actively encourage participation at all levels of the organization, of all women regardless of race, nationality or ethnic origin, color, religion, age or ability.
  2. Mutual Respect
    1. We will treat all BPW members with high regard and equal respect.
    2. We will promote open, honest and direct communication that is respectful of differing perspectives and ensures a collaborative form of problem solving and issue resolution that holds true to the foundation upon which BPW was founded.
    3. We will hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of professional and courteous behaviour.
  3. Equity of Opportunity and Security
    Our advocacy work carried out at all levels of the organization will focus on equal opportunities for all women, oppose violence in any form against girls and women, and is a basic tenet of BPW Canada.
  4. Recognize the Accomplishments and Aspirations of Women
    1. We will seek out opportunities to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of BPW members and other women who demonstrate, through their actions, support of the BPW mandate.
    2. We will use all means at our disposal to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of BPW members and other women.

Our Goal

The improvement of economic, political, social and employment conditions for women in Canada. Bottom line, we work to educate and empower women in Canada.